Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré

Gaudichaud-Beaupré, Charles

Born in Angoulème, France, on 4 September 1789, died in Paris, France, on 16 January 1854. Botanist with Freycinet's expedition of 1817 - 1820 in Uranie and Physicienne. Collected in Western Australia at Shark Bay for two weeks in September 1818, and for two months (November December 1819) in New South Wales at Port Jackson, Botany Bay, and the Blue Mountains. He also undertook an excursion to Bathurst. » more info



  • • Linnean and medical societies recognitions between the years 1824 and
      1837 of Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré.

  • • La Société Linnéenne de Paris Quatorze Octobre 1824. Société Linnéenne
      du Calvados 6 décembre 1824.

  • • Die königliche botanische gesellchaft in Regensburg den 30 Januar 1827.
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These are the one hundred thirty-one original botanical drawings approved by the French scientists of the Linnaean Society of Paris as a result of the investigations carried out in the journey around the world, "L'Uranie-La Physicienne" between the years 1817 to 1820 under the command of the Captain Louis de Saulces de Freycinet next to the botanist Charles Gaudichaud Beaupré, who was one of the French leading scientist and plants species collector of the 19th century. » more info



A hundred and twenty plates on behalf of one hundred and forty number of species, have been etching with the greatest attention, and less if is not necessary for of wisdom, patience and the utmost attention of Mr. A. Poiret, which only done every draw and botanical engravings accurately interpreting the minute details from each one of the part of the flowers as well as the nature form of all plants. » more info