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Botanical Ink Wash Drawings, Jacques Arago

Jacques Victor Etienne Arago. (Jacques Arago).
(Estagel 1790-Brasil 1855).

Travel around the world 1817-1821, La Uranie-La Physicienne.

# ¿?. Unidentified.


Signed & dated 1819. Js. Arago, fecit 1819./…..Fecit : (he made it).

Guham 1819./
Histoire Nlle./ Plantes.
Approuvé par les MMrs les naturalistes. (Approved by the Messrs. naturalists).

Ink wash drawing.

24. 04 x 25 centimeters.
13. 04 x 10 inches.

Damages caused by the shipwreck in the Falkland Islands the 15 February 1,820.