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Botanical Ink Wash Drawings, Jacques Arago

Etymology and naming issues
"Timor" derives from timur, the word for "east" in Indonesian and Malay (hence the Indonesian Timor Timur) which became Timor in Portuguese and entered English as Portuguese Timor. Lorosa'e is also the word for "east" in Tetum, literally "rising sun".

Jacques Victor Etienne Arago. (Jacques Arago).
(Estagel 1790-Brasil 1855).

Travel around the world 1817-1821, La Uranie-La Physicienne.

# 108 Identified as SALICORNIA.?


Signed & dated 1818. Js. Arago, fecit 1818./…..Fecit : (he made it).

Histoire Naturelle.
Timor/Marais de Babao, 1818./
Approuve par mmrs les Naturalistes.

Ink wash drawing.

37,50 x 28,50 centimeters.
14, 06 x 11,01 inches.

Detail of the inscription "Timor"