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Travel of L´Uranie-La Physicienne, 1817-21

A hundred and twenty plates on behalf of one hundred and forty number of species, have been etching with the greatest attention, and less if is not necessary for of wisdom, patience and the utmost attention of Mr. A. Poiret, which only done every draw and botanical engravings accurately interpreting the minute details from each one of the part of the flowers as well as the nature form of all plants. This young painter of natural history, a worthy son of the scientist of the same name, receives here genuine assurances of my gratitude!

Translated from the volume one of botany of the expedition around the world
“La Uranie-La Physicienne” made by Charles Gaudichaud Beaupré Under the command of Louis de Saulces de Freycinet. "Voyage Autour du Monde”, published in 1826.

All the two hundred and twenty-four original prints released herein, belongs to the botanical investigation conducted by Charles Gaudichaud Beaupré during the journey around the world on board of the French corvettes L´Uranie-La Physicienne between the years 1817-1820.
The most curious thing from those fine engravings is that each one of them suggests to us the process by which the scientists, artist and botanicals were all together identifying every one of the species discovered by them, in order to be finally classified and sorted to provide further studies.

We can observe that at the approval process for the investigation of each one of those engravings were crossed or corrected the identification details of each plant, we also can observe the process of numeration since the first proof or engraved state test until the definitive artwork, and subsequently take it to the Botanical Atlases of the expedition of Louis de Freycinet, all this to obtain the better results into the culmination of one of the most famous work of A. Poiret into the 19th century botanical area.

Among one of the most remarkable curiosity of this works is the species identified with the number 40 (HALOPHYLA Ruppia Ovata-Antarctica), which contains the signature and observations written with the famous red ink of de Freycinet, (captain of the expedition), which has contributed largely at the identification and conclusion of this highly major scientific research.

Certain numbers from these prints jumps one, two or various numbers, since they have lost in the time, these missing engravings have been replaced with actual photographs of the same category of plants, but the majority of the missing exemplary are displayed on the drawings section of, and vice versa.

To the memory of all the major scientists and groups that over the centuries have given us a wonderful legacy for our benefit.

Fernando Wamprechts.

Dimensions of the botanical engravings:

29 x 43 centimeters.-11.3 " x 16.8"
30 x 43 centimeters.-11.7 " x 16.8"
31 x 43 centimeters.-12.1" x 16.8"


Pier Antonio Micheli (December 11, 1679 - January 1, 1737): Micheli

Christian Hendrik Persoon (February 1, 1761 – November 16, 1836): Pers

Jean Baptiste François Pierre Bulliard: (1742 – 26 September 1793): Bull. Bulliardi.

Carl von Linné (May 23, 1707 – January 10, 1778): L.

Carl von Linné or Carolus (January 20, 1741 – November 1, 1738): L.f.

Peter Olof Swartz (September 21, 1760 – September 19, 1818): Sw.

James Edward Smith (December 2, 1759 – March 17, 1828): Sm.

Robert Brown (December 21, 1773 – June 10, 1858): R.Br.

Adolphe Théodore Brongniart (January 14, 1801 – February 18, 1876): Al. Brong. or Brong.

Nicaise Augustin Desvaux (1784 – 1856): Desv.

Georg Eberhard Rumphius (1628 – 1702): Rumph.

Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (April 12, 1748 – September 17, 1836): Juss.

Philibert Commerçon 18 de November (18, 1727 – March 13, 1773): Comm.

Louis Marie Aubert Du Petit-Thouars ou Du Petit Thouars (November 5, 1758 – May 12, 1831): Thouars.

Carl Ludwig Willdenow (August 22, 1765 – July 10, 1812): Willd.

Johann Reinhold Forster (October 22, 1729 – Dezember 9, 1798): J.R.Forst.

Alexandre Henri Gabriel, vicomte de Cassini (1781 – 1832): Cass.

Jacques-Julien Houtou de La Billardière, (October 28, 1755 – January 8, 1834): Labill.

Achille Richard (April 27, 1794 – October 5 1852): A.Rich.

Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (February 4, 1778 – September 9, 1841): DC.

Karl Sigismund Kunth (Jun 18, 1788 –March 22, 1850): Kunth.

Hipólito Ruiz López (1752 – 1816): Ruiz & Pavon.

Jose Antonio Pavón y Jimenez (1754 – 1840): Ruiz & Pavon.

Karl (ó Carl) Friedrich von Gärtner (May 1, 1772 – September 1 1850): C.F.Gaertn.

Joseph Gaertner, or Joseph Gärtner (March 12, 1732 – July 12, 1791): Gaertn.

Gaudichaud-Beaupré (September 4, 1789 – January 16, 1854): Gaudich.